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Rodrigue Favre / RAZA born in Geneva in 1990, lives part of his childhood in Toulouse surrounded by a family of multidisciplinary artists. Immersed in this creative atmosphere he explores and experiments with diverse artistic disciplines from an early age. 


In 2011 after completing a BA in Fine Art Photography at the University of Portsmouth Rodrigue travels to Northern India for several months, a country that will impact his life and work. In 2018 after completing a Masters in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the University of the Arts in London (UAL) Rodrigue returns to India to teach English in a school in Kasargod, Southern India.


In 2020 Raza returns to Geneva where he reconnects with painting, discovering a form of expression where he feels freer and in which he can flourish. 

Self-taught, he finds his style from his inspirations and his travels, from floral patterns from Rajasthan and African masks from Gabon. His choice of colours and mediums: sand, natural pigments and charcoal are brut, a connection to a more primitive and instinctive creative process. 

You can find a selection of his works at La Nativa andUtopia in Geneva.

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